Becoming A Freemason

How do I become a Freemason?

There are three essential qualifications which every prospective Freemason must have:

  • He must believe in a Supreme Being although how, or even if, he pays his devotions to that Being is up to each individual. Freemasonry is not a religion and all religions are welcome and respected.
  • He must be male and at least 21 years old. There are women Freemasons, but we do not meet together. This is the wish of both organisations.
  • He must be of good character. Men with “unspent” criminal records will not be accepted.

It is also expected that your family approve of your application and you should be aware that there are certain costs involved in membership, as in any other organisation.

What will I get out of Freemasonry?

You will meet some nice people from very different walks of life both socially and doing Masonic work.

You will have the satisfaction of helping others less fortunate than yourself.

You should find your self-confidence and ability to learn increase as you become more involved.

  • You will not get preferment in your career.
  • You will not increase your business.
  • You will not make any more money.

The old adage “what you get out depends on how much you put in” is never more true than in Freemasonry.

OK, so how do I join?

The best way is to approach a friend or colleague who you know is a Freemason. He will give you further information, arrange for you to meet others and introduce you to a Lodge. If you do not know anyone, there are several other ways.

Masonic Halls are listed in the telephone directory, write to the Secretary at one near you. Most Masonic Provinces have websites giving e-mail addresses.

For information on joining The Lord Roborough Lodge, please contact the Secretary on the Contact Page.