Celebrating 50 Years – W.Bro. Anthony Robert Banbury PAGDC, Prov Grand Mentor

On Wednesday 25th February, W. Bro. Anthony Robert Banbury, PAGDC, the Provincial Grand Mentor and member of The Lord Roborough Lodge No. 5789, was presented with his 50th Year in Freemasonry Certificate, to mark his achievements within the Province over the past 50 years. W. Bro. Colin Gale, PSGD, APGM in the company of V. W. Bro N.A .Ball, PGSwdB, the DepPGM, W. Bro. P.J.M. Keaty, PSGD, an APGM and R. W. Bro. Robin O. Osborn, the PPGM, W.Bro D.N. Mackeen WM, many Grand and Provincial Grand Officers and friends gave a full and interesting synopsis of the life and Masonic life of W. Bro. Banbury.

W. Bro. Anthony (Tony) Banbury born in 1943 was married to his wife Marion (on her 21st Birthday) on 6th February 1965. The marriage was conducted by his maternal grandfather W. Bro Revd Fredrick Charles Pound, the ProvGTreas., 1952 and then ProvGChap., in 1962. Just 2 weeks after that auspicious day, Mr. Anthony Robert Banbury was initiated into The Lord Roborough Lodge No. 5789 by his father, W. Bro. R.H. Banbury.

50 years 1Then Bro. Banbury was Passed in March 1965 and Raised by his Grandfather W. Bro Pound, PPrGChap in April 1965. W. Bro. Tony (as he is known to everyone) Banbury has worked extremely hard both in his private life and his Masonry. Included in this was a once in a lifetime trip around the world to celebrate his Ruby Wedding Anniversary in 2005.

His Masonic journey continued when he was installed into the chair of The Lord Roborough Lodge No. 5789 in 1976, in 1985 he was awarded, as his first Provincial Rank, the office of ProvGStwd; in 1986 he was promoted to PPrSGD then in 1994 to PPrJGW.

From 2005 until 2009 he was given the office of ProvAsstGChap and in 2009/10 became the ProvDepGChap. In 2010 he became the very first Provincial Grand Mentor and was awarded Grand Rank in the same year as PAGDC and holds both these ranks and positions to this day. W. Bro. Tony Banbury has also taken a keen masonic interest in other orders, he was Exalted into The Friendship Chapter in 1976 and became Z in 1986, not taking a backseat he became the DC of the Chapter in 2007 and holds that office to this day. In 1998 he became ProvAsstGScribeE, promoted in 1999 to PPGSwdB and finally to PPGSN in 2006.

50 years 2In 2002 Tony was introduced to the Ancient and Accepted Rite Sovereign Princes Rose Croix and was perfected into Huyshe No. 38 the same year. He was Enthroned as The Most Wise Sovereign in 2012 and was delighted to Enthrone his brother Chris the following year, he was awarded his 30th degree in Feb 2013.

W. Bro Colin Gale after presenting the past 50 year history passed the Certificate over to V.W. Bro Nick Ball, PGSwdB, DPGM to formally present and congratulate W. Bro Tony Banbury on his achievement with his 50 year Certificate. On congratulating W. Bro. Tony the DepPGM remarked on the incredible service he had shown to the Province of Devonshire and his continued support to not only Mentoring but his pastoral care to all newly initiated Masons. His response was met with acclamation and a standing ovation.

Tony is a devoted Father, Husband and Freemason and enjoys many activities, on the top of these is his Family but also has interests in walking the wild country and on the coast, reading, music, theatre, debate, photography, things mechanical, bell ringing and things ecclesiastical. Congratulations Tony on 50 busy years.

Article W. Bro John Smerdon PAGDC.

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