The Royal Air Force 1918 – 2018

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At the Festive Board after the meeting held last night Bro. Derek Farrow delivered an excellent speech on the occasion of the One hundredth Birthday of the Royal Air Force which will be on the 1st April 2018.

He explained how as a former member of the Royal Air Force Police he had served at WW2 airfields , seen paintings of Bomber Command crews and eve dined in the same messes as these heroes.

When he joined our Lodge he was so pleased to actually meet one of this illustrious band of brothers in our own Ivor “Blondie “Foster. Derek explained Ivor’s role as a mid upper gunner in Lancaster heavy bombers and the many raids he and his crew had carried out. He thanked Ivor and all his comrades for the outstanding contribution and sacrifices they had made during the war.

The brethren rose and we toasted the Royal Air Force.

Image copyright: ITV News

Ivor responded by thanking Derek and the brethren but reminded them that other services had also made huge sacrifices during the war. He also explained his nickname and how it was unique in his squadron.

He asked those present to sign a petition to reward the Bomber Command aircrews with the own medal.

A fitting and excellent tribute to the Royal Air Force and to one of our own members.

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